Board of Governors

California Trout’s Board of Governors is a diverse group with one thing in common: a dedication to CalTrout’s mission.

The Board is involved in every aspect of our operation – from fund-raising, to strategic planning, to conservation. We are extremely lucky to enjoy the guidance and participation of this committed group.

Doug Ballinger, Chair

Doug Ballinger, Board Chairman

Board Chairman
Doug Ballinger

Board Members
Linda Rosenberg Ach
Gary V. Arabian
Andrew Bassak
Tony Brookfield
Andy Eckert
Bill Epstein
Edward De La Rosa
Dick Galland
Rick Kaufman
Tom Larsen
Laureston McLellan
Steve Rogers
Bob Rosenberg
Scott Tucker
Paul Vais
Richard West
Jeff Williams

Emeritus Governors
Roy Crawford
Nicholas Di Croce
Bill Hooper
Richard May
Frank Pipgras
Joel Scheinberg
John Slezak
Will Trefry
Craig Fusaro, PhD