How We Work

CalTrout takes a unique and impactful approach to conservation.

1. We have a solid foundation in science
Our decisions and recommendations are not driven by popular opinion but by sound scientific rationale based on collaborative relationships with UC Davis, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara and University of Nevada Reno.

2. We have a proven network of conservation-minded partners
Strong collaborative relationships with local, regional and national partners help strengthen our position and accomplish our goals.

3. We have a strong and effective regional presence
With a decade-long history of regional conservation offices, CalTrout is intimately familiar with local issues and challenges, and thus is positioned to drive and implement well-founded solutions.

This approach enables us to:

  • Advocate and drive federal, state and regional water and fish legislation and policy
  • Use existing law to monitor, implement and litigate, if necessary
  • Implement large-scale, regional fish habitat restoration projects

Our Approach

CalTrout Mission Diagram