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Lead Authors:
Drew, W. M., California Trout,
(760) 924-1008
Hemphill, N., Sequoia National Forest,
(559) 784-1500
Keszey, L., California Trout, (760) 924-1008
Merrill, A., Stillwater Sciences
(510) 848-8098
Hunt, L. American Rivers (530) 478-0206
Fair, J., American Rivers (530) 478-0206
Contributing Authors:
Yarnell, S., UC Davis
Henery, R., Trout Unlimited/UN Reno
Wilcox, J., Plumas Corporation
Burnett, R., Point Blue Conservation Science Podolak, K., The Nature Conservancy
Lof and, H., The Institute For Bird Populations Westmoreland, R., Tahoe National Forest
Pope, K., Paci c Southwest Research Station, USFS
Technical Advisors:
Drexler, J., USGS
Kelley R., USFS R5 Regional Of ce
Suggested Citation:
Drew, W. M., Hemphill, N., Keszey, L., Merrill, A., Hunt, L., Fair, J., Yarnell, S., Drexler, J., Henery, R., Wilcox, J., Burnett, R., Podolak, K., Kelley R., Lof and, H., Westmoreland, R., Pope, K.
2016. Sierra Meadows Strategy.
Sierra Meadows Partnership Paper 1: PP 40
© The Sierra Meadows Partnership, 2016
 e Sierra
Collaborative meadow restoration and protection.

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