CalTrout Completes Mammoth Lakes Basin Water Quality Study

In 2012, with funding from the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, CalTrout initiated a study in the Mammoth Lakes Basin to determine presence and extent of both nutrients and metals. After two years of research, the study found nutrients are not impacting water quality. However, the study did determine the levels of total mercury, in certain areas such as Stamp Mill, exceeded regulatory thresholds.

“Based on the data gathered thus far, I think it is prudent to conduct a more in-depth study to more accurately determine the potential scope and extent of the mercury in the Lakes Basin and particularly the Stamp Mill area,” said CalTrout Eastern Sierra Regional Manager Dr. Mark Drew.

The next step is to determine whether mercury is impacting resident fish populations and if so, determine what mitigation measures are necessary.  CalTrout may be the next Erin Brokovich, for fish anyway.

For more on the study’s findings ready The Sheet’s story here.

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Klamath Tribes Approve Water Share Agreement

The Upper Klamath Agreement complements two other agreements CalTrout has been involved with in the Klamath Basin–the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and the Klamath Hydroelectric Agreement.

This recent Upper Klamath Agreement represents an important moment of unity in the basin where a joint vision for a productive future for all is supported by a broad swath of Klamath stakeholders.  Together these agreements provide a path for basin wide fisheries sustainability and community health.

For more on the Agreement click to read the story by Herald and News.

The Week’s Newsbytes

The Week’s Newsbytes

The Week’s Newsbytes

CalTrout Presents Mount Shasta Spring Waters Data at Crystal Geyser Meeting: 3/24/14

CalTrout presented our Mount Shasta Spring Waters Report Monday night to a packed house of over 200 concerned residents. In response to Crystal Geyser’s proposed Mount Shasta bottling facility, the City of Mount Shasta hosted a series of presentations to provide information for the community.

The city asked CalTrout to present our report as a means to help inform the community and provide decision makers with existing scientific data.

Mount-Shasta-Spring-WatersCrystal Geyser recently purchased for $5 million an existing bottling facility—once occupied by The Dannon Company, Inc. — to manufacture sparkling water, juices, and teas. The company estimates they will draw a max usage of 365,000 gallons per day of spring water from Big Springs: the headwaters of the upper Sacramento River.

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Volunteers needed for fish and habitat surveys in Golden Trout Wilderness

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Heritage and Wild Trout Program (HWTP), is requesting volunteer assistance for fish surveys in the Golden Trout Wilderness Area. This is great opportunity to learn first-hand about native trout and how they are managed, while working in a beautiful wilderness setting and contributing to the conservation of golden trout.  For more details about the opportunity, click here.

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Job Announcement: Environmental Restoration for Walker Basin Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

California Trout and California Department of Fish & Wildlife are looking for candidates interested in conducting restoration work in the Eastern Sierra for federally threatened Lahontan cutthroat trout (LCT).


The person(s) selected will work as part of a crew on ecological restoration projects under the direction of CDFW staff. Restoration for Lahontan cutthroat trout will utilize a combination of backpack electroshocking to remove non-native brook trout and placement of temporary barriers to secure recovery waters. Other duties will include: pruning riparian vegetation to facilitate crew access to the stream; maintenance of gear; hauling materials and building a modified weir barrier; and data management. Although outdoors, surrounded by amazing vistas and working with an amazingly beautiful native trout, the work can be tiring and repetitious.

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