Imperiled Native Trout

The Challenge

A shocking 65% of salmonids headed toward extinction worldwide are found only in California. And 7 or 9 (or 78%) of these are inland living trout that may become extinct within the next 50-100 years if present trends continue.

Paiute Cutthroat

The endangered Paiute Cutthroat

The threats are well-documented: increased competition with humans for resources, poor water quality, water mismanagement, barriers and water diversions, global warming and rising water temperatures.

Our Goal

To reestablish resilient populations of native inland trout which maintain the biodiversity and genetic integrity unique to California.

Projects (click project to learn more)

Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout Preservation
Golden Trout Protection
Meadow Habitat Restoration
Paiute Cutthroat Trout Protection
US Forest Management Planning
Walker River Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Preservation
Upper Truckee River Wild and Scenic