Eastern Sierra Region

When people speak of the Eastern Sierra, they commonly mean the plateau around Mono Lake and the Owens Valley. Some of the state’s most sought-after trout angling can be found in this high-desert region.

California's Owens River

The Owens River offers breathtaking views and difficult fishing…

Hot Creek, Walker River, Carson River, Owens River, Golden Trout Creek and many more waterways host rainbows and browns as well as Lahontan cutthroat, Kern River rainbows and our state fish, the California golden trout.

Meet Mark Drew – CalTrout’s Eastern Sierra Region Manager

The region, however, has become imperiled from a variety of threats including logging, grazing and more urgently, development. Pressure is building from local businesses to rapidly expand the region’s ski resorts and enlarge its airport.

CalTrout is engaged in protecting and restoring most of the region’s rivers and creeks with a comprehensive strategy of outreach, restoration, monitoring, water agreements and coalition building.

Map of Eastern Sierra Region

click for detailed map in .pdf format

click for detailed map in .pdf format

Current Eastern Sierra Region Projects (click project to learn more)

Eastern Sierra Region Water Management
East Walker River Improvements
Mammoth Creek Flow/Habitat
Meadow Habitat Restoration
Mono Basin Campaign
Hot Creek/Upper Owens Water Quality
Golden Trout Protection
US Forest Management Planning