Water Talks

Shedding light on the state's complex water issues

Long-term Goal

The Water Talks program is an ongoing series of educational events designed to provide people a place to learn about water-related topics. The program goal is to increase informed participation in water management policy decisions by providing a place for community members to interact with experts who have a diverse range of perspectives and to develop common understanding.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Developed a series of three Water Talks focused on water conservation strategies, co-sponsored with the City of Mt. Shasta.
  • Held the first two Water Talks of the series; “Preparing the Mt. Shasta Community for Drought” and “Water Conservation 101: Inside and Outside”.
  • Convened Water Talks in Mt. Shasta; “New Groundwater Policy and Regional Science” and “Mount Shasta Mud Flows”.
  • Launched www.californiawatertalks.org and Water Talks YouTube channel and Facebook page.
  • Completed an Introduction to Water Talks video

What We Will Achieve in 2015-16

  • Hold final water conservation Water Talks, “Drought Policy Conversation” in fall of 2015.
  • Coordinate and promote additional fall Water Talks, “Shasta River Studies”.
  • Secure funding to expand program.

History of Water Talks

Initiated in the Mount Shasta region in 2008, California Trout has held 30 Water Talks programs on 26 different topics, in 8 communities, with over 1500 attendees. To date, 88 presenters representing federal and state agencies, nonprofit conservation organizations, community groups, Tribes, local government, academic institutions, farmers, ranchers, timber companies and private business have volunteered their time to participate in Water Talks.

Water Talks YouTube Channel

Mount Shasta / Klamath Region News

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California Trout, Inc.

California Trout, Inc.