Upper Sacramento

The Upper Sacramento River Basin is part of the Sacramento River Watershed. The Basin encompasses 592 square miles.

The river runs approximately 40 miles from the headwaters (Mount Shasta and Mount Eddy Watersheds) into the Shasta Reservoir. A portion of the Upper Sacramento River baseflow is spring fed from Mount Shasta.

The Upper Sacramento hosted abundant salmon and steelhead populations prior to the completion of Shasta Dam in 1944, which fully blocked anadromous fish from their historic spawning grounds.

Now, the river is a productive and state-designated Wild Trout fishery, though water quality in the river has the potential to be impaired by transportation (train derailments and non-point source pollution from Interstate 5) and by municipal wastewater discharge from aging infrastructure.

The Upper Sacramento River Basin is part of the to-be-developed Upper Sac Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.

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