Elk River Recovery Assessment and Community Stewardship Program

Reversing the effects of timber harvesting

Project Goal

Recover Elk River from the current severe water quality and sediment impairment, nuisance flooding conditions, habitat degradation, salmonid population reduction, and community strife that resulted from years of excessive timber harvesting.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Established a watershed-wide stewardship program;
  • Led the recovery assessment, working with local landowners, HRC, the Regional Water Board and State Water Resources Control Board, county supervisors, and the restoration community;
  • Secured grant funding from state agencies and private sources to plan and implement two pilot sediment remediation implementation projects in 2017 and 2018.

What We Will Achieve in 2016-17

  • Continue working with key project partners (HRC, Regional Water Board and State Water Resources Control Board, Elk River residents, Coastal Conservancy) to determine feasible and appropriate actions to restore ecosystem functions, abate nuisance flooding, and recover water quality conditions beneficial to salmon and steelhead.
  • Continue planning, technical analyses, and stakeholder outreach for an Elk River Stewardship Program,leading the sediment remediation working group to develop an implementation Action Plan.

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California Trout, Inc.