Sierra Meadows Partnership

Setting standards for meadow restoration and carbon sequestration

Sierra Meadows Partnership releases strategy to increase pace, scale and efficacy of meadow restoration.


This Strategy provides the guidance necessary to achieve an ambitious and effective course of action to increase rates of meadow conservation. By reaching consensus on a path forward, a diverse group of agencies, scientists, and stakeholders can more effectively leverage necessary resources and the strategic changes required to increase the pace, scale and efficacy of meadow restoration and protection in the greater Sierra Nevada Region. We invite all stakeholders to read the Strategy and join the Sierra Partnership in restoring and conserving meadows and their watersheds to provide and to restore a healthier and more resilient landscape within the next 15 years.

To read the full report, click here.

Long-term Goal

Expanding on the initial formation of the Sierra Meadow Research and Restoration Partnership, in 2015 the Sierra Meadow Partnership (SMP) was formed. Capitalizing on this effort, the goals are to:

  1. Direct and build out the SMP as the leading meadow research and restoration entity throughout the Sierra Nevada;
  2. Affect policy to increase pace and scale of meadow restoration;
  3. Advance meadow restoration protocols and strategies to achieve multi-benefit outcomes including enhanced sequestration of greenhouse gases;
  4. Establish a self-funding mechanism for meadow conservation via the implementation of a meadows carbon credit market

Recent Accomplishments

  • Completed and implement Sierra Meadow Strategy focused on restoring 30,000 acres of meadows by 2030;
  • Organized and convened Calistoga III Sierra Meadow Workshop.
  • Launched two projects as part of the SMP – Osa Meadow Restoration and Pickel Meadow Restoration.
  • Continue to strengthen the Sierra Meadow Partnership, to advance meadow restoration and fishery recovery efforts that also will result in creating greater ecological resilience to a changing climate;
  • Leverage resources to more effectively achieve critical meadow restoration priorities by involving a broad consortium of partners representing agencies, NGOs, and the academic community.

In the news

Sierra Meadows Project featured in Scientific American article


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