Water Talks

A place to learn about water-related topics

Project Goal

The Water Talks program is an ongoing series of educational events designed to provide people with a place to learn about water-related topics. The program goal is to inform participants of water management policy decisions by providing the space for community members to interact with experts who have a diverse range of perspectives and to develop common understanding. Water Talks is a program of the Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition led by CalTrout.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Completed the Water Talks series: “Steelhead Life History”, “Water Quality “, “Freshwater Stewardship”, “Invasive Species”, and “Connecting Headwaters to Ocean”.

What We Will Achieve in 2016-17

  • Secure funding to expand program.

 Past Water Talks Flyers & Resources

Watch video recording: “Steelhead Life History”

Water Talks 1 Fact Sheet

Speaker Presentations:

– Mark Capelli, Southern California Steelhead Recovery and the Santa Clara River

– Rosi Dagit, Monitoring status and trends of Oncorhynchus mykissin the Santa Monica Bay

– Ethan Bell, Steelhead Use of Estuaries

Watch video recording: “Water Quality”

Water Talks 2 Fact Sheet

Speaker Presentations:

– Dr. Scott Hecht, Endangered Species and Water Quality: A Compelling Narrative for Improving Water Quality

– Jenny Newman, Regulations to Restore the Santa Clara River

– Nancy Broschart, Ventura County Agricultural Water Quality


Watch video recording: “Freshwater Stewardship”

Water Talks 3 Fact Sheet

Speaker Presentations:

– Dan Wilson, Safe Harbor Agreements: A tool to advance recovery of ESA-listed salmonids

– Sophie Parker, Science and Stewardship along the Santa Clara River

– Wilma Tichelaar, Opportunities for You to Work with NRCS to Conserve Water & Soil on Your Land


Watch video recording: “Invasive Species Management”

Water Talks 4 Fact Sheet

Speaker Presentations:

– Joseph Curti, Invasive Species Management

– Mickie Tang, Shelley Bennett, & Jared Williams, Impacts & Management of Invasive Species in the Santa Clara River




Watch video recording: “Connecting Headwaters to Ocean”

Water Talks 5 Fact Sheet

Speaker Presentations:

– Bill Trush, The Groundwater Steelhead

– Tom Hicks, Intro to Water Law, Water Bond, Voluntary Water Transactions, and Instream Transfers

– Ed Wallace, Fish Passage Design

Latest Water Talks News

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