Partner Profile: Round Valley Indian Tribe


A Valued Partnership

Sharing a Vision for the Future of the Eel River

For many, rivers offer a source of recreation or a peaceful place for reflection. For the Round Valley Indian Tribes, it offers life.

The Round Valley Indian Tribes (RVIT) is a sovereign tribal nation and member of the Two Basin Partnership, a group dedicated to finding a path forward for Pacific Gas & Electric's Potter Valley Project that meets the needs of all communities in the Eel and Russian River basins.

Restoring the salmon and steelhead fishery on the Eel River by providing fish passage to hundreds of miles of historic spawning and rearing habitat is a critical part of the Partnership’s plan and of paramount importance to the Tribes.



Cover Photo: SF Eel River by Mike Wier


Photo: Potter Valley Project, Scott Dam by Kyle Schwartz



South Fork Eel River. Photo: Mike Wier


CalTrout has been a trusted advisor for the Tribes who often rely on the organization to find answer to questions outside of the Tribe’s knowledge base. Together, CalTrout and RVIT are working to improve the natural resources of Native American Tribes indigenous to the Eel River.


“CalTrout’s mission is to save the fish. We are like-minded people. Our Tribes stand on a resolution to realize a free-flowing Eel River, but we can’t do it ourselves. Our friendship with and trust in CalTrout will help get us there.”

– RVIT President Russ

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