A capacity for self-renewal

Naturalist Aldo Leopold described ecological health as ‘the capacity of the land for self-renewal.’

While the last century has been hard on the Eel River – the ecosystem is compromised, and the salmon have suffered — the Eel is resilient. It has shown signs of recovery and has the ability to thrive once again.

The Eel presents the best opportunity to restore historic fish abundance in California.

Here’s CalTrout’s plan for the Eel’s return to abundance

Unique among west coast rivers, there are no hatcheries on the Eel. The salmon that return are wild, genetically robust and ready to flourish. The threats are manageable.

Through its leadership in the Eel River Forum and the development of the Eel River Action Plan, CalTrout is leading the way for the Eel’s return to abundance with a headwaters-to-sea approach. Restoring the estuary, ensuring adequate flows for fish, removing barriers, and engaging in the Potter Valley Project relicensing process are all part of our comprehensive plan. Learn more about each of these areas by watching the videos below.