History of Protecting the Best

Since its early days, CalTrout has been using advocacy, legislative influence, and when needed, legal efforts to protect California’s wild fish and rivers for future generations.

It takes unyielding vigilance to protect the best of California’s natural resources.

California Trout will not rest. Join us.

Taking Action

CalTrout believes in conservation for all Californians, and that good public policy keeps our natural resources protected for all interests.

Using our collective legislative approach, led by Staff Attorney Redgie Collins, we build off our ground experience, community support, science, media, and advocacy experience to advance mission-critical policies programs and funding.

CalTrout continues this effort today by building relationships with legislators and key legislative staff on statewide conservation and by supporting, opposing, and sponsoring key legislative initiatives.

CA Legislative Review

In the latest issue of The Current, CalTrout's digital magazine, CalTrout Staff Attorney Redgie Collins provides an overview of current and upcoming legislation that may affect freshwater conservation efforts for decades to come.

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