Do you know where your water comes from?

The iconic spring-fed trout waters of Mt. Shasta and High Sierra meadows are the key to California’s water future. They are a major SOURCE of the state’s water supply, vital to its economy, its people and its fish.

Yet, despite its significance, many Californians are unaware of where their water comes from and the need to protect and restore these important sources.

For decades, CalTrout has worked to do just that.

We’ve been working on the ground, in the lab, and in the halls of the State Capitol to better know, protect and restore our source water areas.

They face a myriad of threats. From water bottling plants to hydroelectric and geothermal energy facilities in the springs to degraded meadows in the Sierra. And now – climate change.

Learn more about these vital SOURCE waters below and, with your help, we’ll ensure they are productive and healthy, for people and fish, for generations to come.

Know. Protect. Restore.

California’s SOURCE waters are vital to the state. Vital to its fish, agriculture, economy, and people. Vital to you. Do your part to ensure California’s water security by taking these actions today: Stay informed – sign up to receive CalTrout’s e-newsletter and other important emails about California’s SOURCE water areas. Support CalTrout – your support directly enables us to increase our efforts to protect and restore California’s SOURCE waters. Donate today. Speak up – Thanks to your voices, the CalTrout championed bill, AB 2528, has passed the House and Senate and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. Be social – follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and share our SOURCE video with all your friends that need water to survive!

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