Legislation & Advocacy

Effecting Key Local, Regional and Statewide Issues

CalTrout has deep roots in using advocacy to create change. From day one, we championed wild trout management and the concept of catch and release, spearheading efforts to enact programs and legislation to protect California’s trout resources.

We continue in those efforts today by engaging targeted legislative members and staff on key local, regional, and statewide issues. Retaining a political consulting firm to address State issues, CalTrout identifies key decision makers and builds enduring relationships with them, supporting their leadership on issues that advance the mission and programs of CalTrout.

CalTrout brings policy expertise, on the ground experience, community support, science, media, and advocacy experience to advance mission-critical policies programs and funding. Using an experienced team of consultants to complement our executive staff, we develop legislative initiatives, support or oppose legislation, help shape the state/federal budget, engage in stakeholder groups and work directly with key decision makers.

Latest Priorities

New Leadership

The start of 2019's legislative cycle is one marked by changes. With a new Governor, a Democratic super-majority, and a host of new agency directors there is a real sense by those in the conservation world that big changes are possible. however, with the changes in leadership, there will also be challenges in building new relationships and maintaining those already established with experienced leaders.

Climate Resiliency

CalTrout, as always, has a packed legislative agenda. We are looking to ensure that estuaries are identified as important climate resiliency natural ecosystems in newly elected Petrie-Noris's AB 65. We are supporting Dodd's SB 19, which identifies critical stream-gauging systems that badly need funding in California. we also agree with Assemblyman Dahle's AB 883 which helps point towards the need to address watershed health in the wildfire conservation in a constructive manner that does not distract from the serious threats to homes and lives.


We are also working behind the scenes with the State Water Resources Control Board, Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Department of Water Resources to ensure that we have active and healthy relationships with those government agencies and to promote projects on the cutting edge of conservation.

By working with these partners around small tables, projects like our Nigiri Project in the Central Valley, our Sierra Meadows Partnership work, and our Safe Harbor Agreements in the Shasta Valley get vetted and supported by the agencies whose support, and funding, we need to be successful.