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Problems With California’s Salmon & Steelhead Hatcheries Fueling “Boom or Bust” Salmon Populations?

Hatchery Killing Salmon To Prevent Mixing of Spring, Fall Runs California’s Feather River Hatchery is killing salmon instead of harvesting and breeding them — a counter-intuitive

The Era of Dam Removal is Upon Us: CalTrout Talks About Taking Them Down

CalTrout Supports Dam Removal… Where It Makes Sense One of the largest threats to trout, steelhead and salmon are dams. And California has plenty of them

Attend the Beyond Searsville Dam Benefit Dinner (Guest Speaker Is Yvon Chouinard)

Stanford University’s antiquated Searsville Dam blocks approximately 20 miles of historic habitat for federally protected steelhead trout on San Francisquito Creek. It also dewaters the creek

California’s Coho Salmon On Verge of Extinction

UC Davis’ Peter Moyle has studied California’s native fish species since the 70s, and in a distressing post on the California Water Blog, he suggests less

Central Valley Floodplains: A Critical (And Missing) Link to Salmon Recovery

Understanding Central Valley Floodplains by Carson Jeffres, University of California, Davis Salmon and steelhead populations in California experience a “death-by-a-thousand cuts”: dams block access to spawning

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