California Trout credits 44 years of productive partnerships with government agencies, educational institutions, communities and conservation coalitions for many of our successes. From restoring key habitat for the California Golden Trout to protecting coho salmon to working toward long-sought rehabilitation of the Klamath River, we have made critical progress through work with partner organizations.

UC Davis, Center for Watershed Sciences

We work closely with Dr. Peter Moyle, Dr. Jeff Mount, Dr. Rob Lusardi, and Dr. Andrew Rypel from UC Davis' Center for Watershed Sciences to restore imperiled native trout throughout the Sierras and protect the Shasta River. CalTrout commissioned Dr. Peter Moyle and his team to author a comprehensive account of California's salmon, steelhead and trout populations, State of the Salmonids II: Fish in Hot Water. This is an update to the first edition from 2008, SOS: California's Native Fish Crisis.

Stanford Law School, Environmental Law Clinic

Stanford Law School’s Environmental Law Clinic advises us on water policy (including ground water law) and endangered species issues.

UC Santa Barbara, Southern California Steelhead Center

Dr. Thomas Dudley and Dr. Scott Cooper, of the Southern California Steelhead Center, counsel us on Southern steelhead restoration and recovery opportunities along the southern coast.

University of Nevada-Reno, The Aquatic Ecosystems Laboratory

We work with Dr. Sudeep Chandra at the University of Nevada Reno’s Aquatic Ecosystem Laboratory on imperiled native trout projects and Lake Tahoe fish ecology.

Humboldt State University

We work with Dr. William Trush of the Institute for River Ecosystem to protect and restore instream flows and fish passage for threatened salmon and steelhead in the North Coast Region. We also collaborate with Dr. Walt Duffy of the HSU Department of Fisheries Biology and the Cooperative Fish Research Unit on fish habitat studies, salmon and steelhead population monitoring, and native cutthroat trout status and distribution.

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