Pescadero Marsh Revitalization

Pescadero Marsh Revitalization

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Project Goal:

Working with partners to avoid fish kills, adequately monitor the steelhead population, and inform future marsh restoration.

engagement on working groups, number of additional resources brought to the challenges, and eventually # of acres restored.

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Project Stages

Conceptual Design




Estimated Completion Date:


Project Funders

Crocker Foundation

Fish Affected:

Project Description

Pescadero Marsh in San Mateo County is an important refuge and stronghold for threatened Central California Coast steelhead. This watershed represents perhaps the best opportunity to meet Endangered Species Act-mandated abundance targets for steelhead recovery south of the Golden Gate Bridge due to its high productivity and intact upper watershed. However, the marsh suffers from poor water quality and unnatural lagoon flushing processes due to historical land uses. CalTrout has re-engaged in this watershed after a decade hiatus with many partners to monitor fish populations and migratory behavior to inform lagoon management and future restoration.

Project Partners:

CA State Parks
Trout Unlimited
NOAA Fisheries
local fly clubs
private citizens

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