South Fork Eel River

South Fork Eel River

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Project Goal:

Establish common and standardized procedures applicable throughout California’s coastal watersheds for identifying ‘instream flow objectives’ through 1) the development and application of regional criteria and 2) the development and adoption of standardized sitespecific flow study methodologies. Advocate for adoption of these approaches by state agencies (CDFW, RWB, SWRCB).

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Project Funders

State Water Resources Control Board

Fish Affected:

Project Description

This salmon and steelhead stronghold represents the best opportunity to restore wild fish abundance. Situated at the center of the Emerald Triangle, Northern California’s hotbed of cannabis cultivation, the South Fork of the Eel River has been impacted by excessive water diversions in many of its tributaries. Improving streamflows is critical to protecting key life-stages for coho salmon and steelhead survival. CalTrout is working with the State Water Board and other state agencies, our Salmon and Steelhead Coalition, and water management experts to develop a water policy and water management program for the SF Eel River and North Coast region that will ensure protection of native salmonid populations and other public trust values while providing reasonable water supplies for domestic water uses as well as for irrigated agriculture

Project Partners:

Humboldt State University River Institute
Center for Ecosystem Management and Restoration (CEMAR)
McBain and Associates
Trout Unlimited
The Nature Conservancy
State Water Resources Control Board
Regional Water Quality Control Board
CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
National Marine Fisheries Service

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