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The Hat Creek Restoration Project was developed and reviewed by the Hat Creek Resource Advisory Committee (Hat RAC), which was formed in 2001 by CalTrout, PG&E, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The RAC now consists of more than a dozen public and private organizations committed to protecting the ecological, cultural, and recreational values of the Hat Creek Wild Trout Area.

The Hat RAC meets quarterly to identify issues affecting the Hat Creek watershed, design projects, secure funds for project implementation, and coordinate long term monitoring and maintenance needs. Within Hat RAC, participating natural resource agencies provide regulatory oversight, permitting guidance, and technical support. Each private organization contributes complementary skill sets to the group including academic research and assessment (UC Davis); private land ownership (PG&E); land stewardship of PG&E lands (Stewardship Council); river and fish restoration (CalTrout and FRC); cultural heritage (Pit River Tribe); and local ecological expertise (Spring Rivers, Waterways, Lomakatsi).

PG&E and the Pacific Forest Stewardship Council

Lomakatsi Restoration Project

In August 2013, Lomakatsi entered into a contract with CalTrout for the implementation of the Hat Creek Riparian Restoration, Cultural Protection, and Recreation Improvement Project. As part of this overall project, Lomakatsi was commissioned by California Trout to develop a riparian planting plan that would provide guidance for the revegetation and restoration of over six acres of the Hat Creek Wild Trout Area, located within a culturally significant aboriginal area of the Ilmawi Band.

In addition to consultation of literature and past watershed and restoration assessments, Lomakatsi conducted field assessments, interviews with Ilmawi and Atsuge Band Elders, community members, consultation with local natural resource management specialists and local fishermen to complete this riparian planting plan.

This document describes the riparian restoration planting plan portion of a collaborative restoration effort between CalTrout, the Pit River Tribe, Waterways/ River Run Consulting (Matt Kiesse) and Lomakatsi Restoration Project. As part of a broader cooperative relationship, the riparian planting plan was developed to meet multiple restoration objectives. This plan outlines project implementation and provides a timeline for project milestones. This document is also intended to serve as a resource for an anticipated Pit River Tribal workforce training and education program during riparian restoration implementation.

The riparian planting plan addresses these restoration objectives:

  1. Stabilize stream bank retreat with native vegetation
  2. Restore native and cultural plant communities
  3. Improve riparian habitat complexity
  4. Improve streamside fish habitat
  5. Provide a visually appealing riparian corridor

The planting plan includes the following elements:

  1. Description of species, planting location and methodology
  2. Noxious weed management strategy
  3. Cultural plant restoration and maintenance approaches
  4. Irrigation, maintenance and monitoring plan

Waterways Engineering, Inc.

Waterways Consulting, Inc. (Waterways) is a full‐service engineering and environmental consulting firm focused on planning, assessment, and restoration of surface water environments. Waterways currently has offices in Santa Cruz, California and Portland, Oregon, serving clients throughout the West. We offer consulting services to private companies and individuals as well as local, state, and federal agencies in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. We specialize in providing a range of services to natural resource agencies, local governments, watershed councils and non‐profits and pride ourselves in our responsiveness and willingness to complete projects on time and on budget despite the challenges posed by grant funded projects. Several of our key clients in the Sierra Nevada Region include the

Truckee River Watershed Council, Town of Truckee, The Nature Conservancy, and the U.S. Forest Service.

Waterways employs a unique team of hydrologists, geomorphologists, fisheries biologists, civil engineers and land surveyors, providing project‐oriented solutions to water resources engineering, habitat conservation and restoration planning. Waterways takes a multidisciplinary approach to solve a variety of natural resource problems, including watershed assessments, river engineering and flood control works, fishery habitat conservation planning, and detailed ecological restoration designs. Waterways offers a broad range of complimentary services, including land surveying and traditional civil design, allowing us to address infrastructure needs such as access and utility crossings, levees and floodwalls that so often accompany restoration work within river and wetland settings.

This diverse skill set, coupled with our strong partnering history, allows us to serve our clients by conducting nearly every aspect of natural resource management and restoration project design. Our engineering services allow us to move recommendations forward to the implementation phase with a clear understanding of the project objectives.

Geomorphic and Hydrologic Assessment

In 2013, CalTrout hired Waterways Engineering Inc. and River Run Consulting, Inc. to carry out a comprehensive Hat Creek Hydrologic and Geomorphic Assessment of the Wild Trout Area.

As part of the assessment Waterways and River Run carried out the following tasks:

  1. Compiled and summarized existing information and data
  2. Conducted field surveys, collected data and photos
  3. Analyzed proposed restoration actions
  4. Recommended in-stream habitat restoration strategy
  5. Completed a detailed report of all findings to be peer reviewed by the Hat Creek Resource Advisory Committee

Click here to see the final report

Click here to see River Run’s overview slides of their assessment

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