Staff Spotlight: Analise Rivero


By Analise Rivero
CalTrout Policy Associate

Who are you, what do you do, and why did you pursue the career path you are on today?

My name is Analise Rivero and I am CalTrout’s new Policy Associate, based in Sacramento. I work on the development and implementation of our natural resource and water policy agenda in the California State Legislature. This includes supporting CalTrout’s organizational goals through regulatory and public funding advocacy, agency relationship-building, partnership development and other policy-related objectives that add to CalTrout’s success.

I have always been passionate about the natural world and it is my hope to protect its beauty and wonder for all the generations to come. As such, having a career where I can help influence policymakers to do right by the environment is a dream come true.


Cover Photo: Left - Young Analise, Right - Analise today

What is your favorite memory of time spent on a river/outside?

I was born and raised in Sacramento, nestled between the American and Sacramento Rivers. As such, rivers were ever present in my childhood. Some of my favorite memories have involved rafting and tubing down the river during Sacramento’s infamously hot summer days. I feel lucky to have had so many opportunities to be outdoors whether near the rivers or in one of Sacramento’s many parks. I have no doubt this played a role in my pursuing a career in conservation and why I hope to emphasize outdoor access in my work.



What advice would you have for someone looking to follow a similar path to yours?

For a long time, I thought a science career was the only way to make a difference in the conservation/environmental protection space. As I got older, I realized there are so many other paths and career options that can make a difference and that is it alright to follow a more circuitous route. I felt super fulfilled once I was able to combine my natural skillset and the field I am passionate about. I think ultimately I’d recommend that people follow their instincts and be comfortable with non-traditional paths.

In 50 years, I hope California’s rivers and fish will be thriving and healthy!

My vision for California’s fish and waters is that they are accessible to all so that everyone can enjoy and cherish them!


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