Spot Check: Richard May, Conservationist of the Year



By Michael Wier, CalTrout Field Reporter


California Trout co-founder Richard May has been honored by Fly Fisherman Magazine and Simms Fishing as the 2022 Conservationist of the Year. Read the story in Fly Fisherman Magazine.

"At his very core Richard May is a fly fisherman. Not the kind who dabbles here and there or takes one or two trips a year, but the kind who sleeps in his car to catch the evening rise and be on the stream for the morning bite before anyone else shows up. The kind of fly fisherman who shows a unique dedication to the craft and applies energy and thought to constantly hone his skills. The kind who masterfully throws a home-tied fly on a bamboo rod far upstream and lands it in the lane of a single feeding trout on a crystal-clear spring creek."


Read the full article in Fly Fisherman Magazine. And keep reading below to learn more about the inspiration behind the article, from the article's author and CalTrout's field reporter, Michael Wier.


Richard May has spent a lifetime preserving California trout, salmon, and steelhead.

Fly Fisherman's 2022 Conservationist of the Year

To honor Richard’s legacy and ensure the longevity of CalTrout for the benefit of future generations, consider joining our Richard May Legacy Circle of donors who have included CalTrout in their will or trust. 

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