The Current Winter 2022

From the Editor

In our Winter 2022 issue of the Current, we present the launch of our 2022 Top 5 Dams Out campaign. We also travel to the North Coast to highlight our restoration project on Prairie Creek and our work with Tribal partners. Our Legal & Policy team covers the innovative 30x30 Initiative to conserve our lands and waters. And a young Berkeley fisherman shares the beauty and significance of urban fishing. Check out the stories below. (Cover photo by Phil Reedy)

Dams Out

CalTrout has identified 5 dams that disrupt our California rivers and are ripe for removal. Dams can disrupt watershed health, harm fish populations, create public safety concerns, and degrade surrounding ecosystems which hold cultural importance for many. Many dams in California do provide benefits to Californians including flood control, water supply, and hydroelectric power. However, the dams included in this report have been carefully selected as dams that have outlived their functional lifespans.
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