A Legacy of Advocacy


By Redgie Collins,
CalTrout Staff Attorney

Advocacy remains a core tenant of CalTrout’s mission. From our inception, CalTrout lead the Wild Trout Program and played an instrumental part in forming the California Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. CalTrout is committed to having a presence in Sacramento and always looks for opportunities to provide legal muscle for proactive challenges to support freshwater conservation efforts in California.

Using our collective legislative approach, led by Staff Attorney Redgie Collins, we build off our ground experience, community support, science, media, and advocacy experience to advance mission-critical policies programs and funding.

CalTrout continues this effort today by building relationships with legislators and key legislative staff on statewide conservation and by supporting, opposing, and sponsoring key legislative initiatives.



Cover Photo: Sacramento Capitol


Photo: CalTrout founding members standing behind President Reagan as he signs the California Wild and Scenic Rivers Act into law.



Natural Resources Bond

Against all odds, the legislature is still discussing a Natural Resources Bond which would inject between $4 and $8 billion in water and natural resources spending through Assembly Bill AB 3256. CalTrout is in the heart of advocating for the passage of this bill and gearing up for a ballot initiative which, if successfully passed through the California legislature, would be on the ballot in November of 2020. CalTrout is focused on supporting the massive restoration and barrier removal projects that Sandra Jacobson is championing in Southern California and cementing funding for the pioneering work Jacob Katz is pursuing in the Central Valley. 

The protection of our freshwater natural resources and the diverse ecology found throughout California is a major reason that our state attracts industry leaders and fosters the economic growth that makes California the fifth largest economy in the world. CalTrout will remind our legislative champions and the administration that cutting back on environmental protections and lowering the funding for protection of our natural resources is the wrong choice for California. 


Photo: South Coast Reconnect Habitat Project - Removal of Sandia Creek Bridge over the Santa Margarita River to improve fish passage.  By Mike Wier. 



Legislation We Support

SB 1296: The Nature and Parks Career Pathway and Community Resiliency Act of 2020.

CalTrout is proud to support Senator Durazo’s AB 1296 which aims to build equitable access to opportunities working in the natural resource field and for highlighting the importance of diversifying the workforce to make it more representative of the state’s population. SB 1296 would ensure that communities facing barriers to accessing and sustaining jobs are prepared to succeed in a natural resources career.


Legislation We Oppose

AB 3005: Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Leroy Dam and Reservoir Expediency Bill

CalTrout pride’s itself on working cooperatively with a diverse group of partners and do not take opposition stances lightly. However, after speaking with the Author’s office, offering our initial letter of opposition, and talking with Santa Clara Valley Water District, we have decided to formally speak in opposition to AB 3005.

AB 3005 sets a dangerous precedent for all future Dam retrofit projects throughout California by requiring the regulatory agencies and the state board to adhere to shortened timelines, exhaustive notifications, and unique appeals processes ultimately does not allow the natural resources agencies the time and space needed to adequately protect public trust resources.

The Water District s an untrustworthy partner for conservation organizations and are therefore not credible advocates for the impact on public trust resources. AB 3005 would legalize the same unilateral decision making and action process by Valley Water District that has nearly led to the local extinction of steelhead in Coyote Creek already.

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