In Memoriam: Bob Quigley

Bob Quigley

Bob Quigley

California Trout is saddened to learn that Bob Quigley — who created some of fly fishing’s most elegant (and copied) fly patterns and then tested them on Hat Creek and Fall River — has passed on.

In the 1970s, he invented the Paradun, the Loopwing Parachute and the Quigley Cripple, testing them extensively on the Fall River, where he eventually lived.

He was a true innovator, a master craftsman and a brilliant fly fisherman, and California fly fishing is the poorer for his passing.

(You can read a brief biography of Quigley here.)


  1. Chip O'Brien says:

    Bob was a genius at really looking at and copying the graceful beauty of a mayfly. He was also a gentleman. He will be missed.

  2. Pete Woolley says:

    I met Bob in the shop at Crogan’s Lodge, (later Lava Creek Lodge), in 1978. He didn’t know me from Adam, but lent me his pram and motor so I could get out of my canvas float tube, floating from Spring Creek to Island bridge. He helped me from the get go, and was always ready to answer a question. Obviously a character, but a good one.

    Years later, he sent me flies to use in the OneFly in Jackson Hole and gave me some good leads for freelancing in southern Argentina.

    I was lucky enough to be around some of the great old school people, before there was an “industry”, like Andy Puyans, Bob Jacklin, Lee and Joan Wulff and others.

    Bob got a great many California and Oregon anglers on the road to better fishing. I’m sorry to hear of his passing.


    • CalTrout Staff says:

      Everybody seems to have a “Bob helped me even though I was a total stranger” stories.

      We have lost us a good one.

  3. Here’s a video I did with Bob Quigley in 1987 on the upper Fall River out of then Rick’s Lodge … a happy time for Bob. May a great fly fisherman rest in peace.

  4. I got to Ashland with the idea of visiting him, and Bob had passed the previous day of my arrival.
    It was very sad, I met him in Patagonia some 20 years back, we fished together a couple of times and he introduced me to lots of his friends…He will be missed, he was a creator, excellent fly fisherman, and a good friend.

  5. Sally Moyer says:

    When I came to work bartending at Rick’s Lodge the summer of 1977, Bob was one of the first people I meet. We both lived on the property and became very good friends. He was my first fly fishing teacher and sold me the rod and gear to get me started. I have been hooked ever since and I am grateful to him for a lasting foundation. After a long time off, I was back bartending at now Spinner Fall for the last 7 years and I was so pleased to see Bob on his return trips to his beloved Fall River. His smile, sweet laugh and jokes will be missed by myself and all those who loved him.


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