Scott River Restoration

Scott River Restoration

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Project Goal:

Recover salmonid populations in the Scott River, a key mid-Klamath River tributary and nursery, by restoring spawning and rearing habitat, in-stream flows, water quality, and other ecological processes and function. Achieve measurable objectives outlined in the final Southern Oregon Northern California Coho (SONCC) Recovery Plan population targets of 6,500 spawners in the Scott River.

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Project Description

The Scott River is an important Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast coho salmon spawning and rearing tributary in the Mid-Klamath Basin. CalTrout is working with local landowners, primarily ranchers, on several restoration projects to improve the tributary. Having recently completed restoration of South Fork Scott by increasing instream complexity and reconnecting the river to off-stream floodplain habitat, we are now working on the Mill-Shackleford fish passage project. This project will remove a partial barrier that blocks access to over one mile of critical juvenile coho salmon rearing habitat and replace it with a 66-foot prefabricated, steel bridge while restoring one acre of riparian corridor with native plants. In addition, we’re implementing a fish passage project at Scott Bar, the site of an old gold mine, and an instream restoration project at Menne Ranch.

Project Partners:

Siskiyou Farm Buereau
Siskiyou County
Cooperting Safe Harbor landowners
The Nature Conservancy
Scott River Water Trust
CA Department of Fish & Wildlife
US Fish and Wildlife Services
Shasta Valley/Siskiyou RCD
Coho Recovery Group
UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences
Watercourse Engineering Inc.

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