Twenty Years After the Upper Sacramento River Spill, ABC News Interviews CalTrout’s Curtis Knight

“There are still some improvements to be made” said CalTrout’s Curtis Knight, speaking on the 20th anniversary of the Cantara Loop train derailment and Metam Sodium spill which essentially sterilized the Upper Sacramento River.

An ABC TV news crew did a segment on the spill, using footage from the spill and interviewing the people who dealt with the spill’s aftermath:

While noting that Union Pacific had made efforts to reduce the likelihood of another spill (concrete railroad ties, a new “super” trestle at the spill site, and the use of ‘pusher’ engines in the canyon), CalTrout’s Knight noted that a 2003 derailment alongside the Upper Sacramento River pulled a tanker containing Hydrochloric Acid off the rails within spitting distance of the river.

“Obviously, there’s more to do” said Knight. “The river is one of California’s most-fished blue ribbon waters, and it needs to be protected.”