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At CalTrout, we work hard every day to restore California’s freshwater ecosystems and to keep them healthy for years to come, but we don’t do it alone.  Fish Water People will highlight the individuals who make our work possible, at CalTrout and beyond. We’ll be talking about the science, policy, restoration, equity, and more that goes into making the changes we want to see in the world, and of course, the occasional fish story.


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Your Host: CalTrout Executive Director Curtis Knight

I’m Curtis Knight, Executive Director of California Trout, and your host on our new podcast, Fish Water People. You may know about our work to ensure healthy waters and resilient wild fish for a better California, but there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes and we want to talk about it! From science to legislation, large scale restoration to fostering equity within conservation, CalTrout does a lot - but we don’t do it alone!  I can’t wait to sit down and talk with the folks who share CalTrout’s vision for healthy fish, waters, and people. Join us wherever you listen to podcasts!


Cover photo: Patrick Sheehan


Episode 2: Nature-Based Solutions, with Felicia Marcus

Our planet is changing drastically, but while nature is throwing a lot at us, it's also an amazing source of solutions if we take the time to learn how natural processes can aid in climate-change mitigation. Plus, nature-based solutions are often cheaper and come with a whole host of benefits that traditional infrastructure lacks. We talk with climate expert Felicia Marcus, an attorney, consultant, and founding member of the Water Policy Group, a fellow at the National Academy of Public Administration, and the William C. Landreth visiting fellow at Stanford University's Water in the West Program. CalTrout Associate Director of Policy Analise Rivero also joins the conversation as we discuss California water rights, a topic that will impact us all.



Episode 1: California's North Coast, with Congressman Huffman

Fish Water People podcast host and CalTrout Executive Director Curtis Knight sits down with Congressman Jared Huffman to talk Governor Newsom’s Executive Order in the delta, the Potter Valley hydroelectric project, restoration work at Redwood Creek, the Yurok Tribe, California condors, and so much more. How do all of these topics intertwine with CalTrout’s work? We journey through the redwoods to find out. CalTrout Regional Director Darren Mierau also joins.


More episodes coming soon! 

Stay tuned as the Fish Water People podcast continues with more conversations with people from around the state and beyond.

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