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Mt. Lassen

The Mt. Lassen region is managed from our office in Chico. Mt. Lassen’s projects are focused on east side tributaries of the Sacramento River which drain from the Cascade mountains in Butte, Tehama, and Shasta counties. The Iron Canyon Fish Passage Project on Big Chico Creek is our flagship project for the Mt. Lassen Region.

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Regional Goal

To halt the current decline in native fish populations, recover endangered ecotypes, and support general ecosystem function of the river systems of the Mt. Lassen Region by restoring connectivity for migratory fishes, providing access to colder and less degraded habitats, and providing natural segregation between runs. Select a dot on the map to learn about each of our initiatives and their projects in this regions.

Region Director: Damon Goodman

Damon was introduced to the importance of conservation at a young age in the front of his dad’s canoe during wilderness river expeditions. This spark led to a passion for exploring wild rivers around the world and a career dedicated to conserving the species that rely on them. His work has focused on bring people and science together to solve complex fish conservation issues across California for the past 15 years. These efforts have resulted in the implementation of projects that benefit fishes and the publication of 25 peer-reviewed journal articles covering a diverse range of fisheries management issues. In 2020, his work was recognized by the California-Nevada American Fisheries Society with the Distinguished Professional Achievement Award. He holds a Master of Science degree in Fish Biology from Humboldt State University where he studied under Dr. Stewart B. Reid and Andrew P. Kinziger.

Projects in the Mt. Lassen Region


Reconnect Habitat

Battle Creek – Eagle Canyon Fish Passage Project

Open access to more than 8 miles of spring-fed spawning and rearing habitat for Sacramento River winter-run Chinook salmon, steelhead trout, and other native migratory fishes by removing a fish...

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Reconnect Habitat

Big Chico Creek – Iron Canyon Fish Passage Project

Restore access for steelhead and spring-run Chinook salmon to the entirety of their historical distribution in Big Chico Creek, resulting in an expected 8.5 miles of additional anadromous habitat.

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