Ensuring stability amidst rapid growth

85% of our budget goes directly to our programs.

The last year has been one of tremendous, unprecedented growth and impact at California Trout. With growth comes an increased need for fiscal responsibility as we manage over 140 public and private grants, support a growing staff – now up to 47 employees, and engaging 94 vendors to implement the multi-million-dollar restoration projects. In all, we put $18.8 million to work last year for California’s freshwater ecosystems and the fish and communities that rely on their healthy waters.

Fueling this growth is the successful completion of the 50th Anniversary Impact Fund, our campaign that raised $5 million, over and above our regular fundraising efforts, to infuse into the organization over three years. That effort allowed us to put $1.1 million into the FY22 operating budget and significantly increase our impact across the state. As Caltrout continues to expand our reach by growing existing projects and pursuing strategic opportunities across California, we remain dedicated to getting work done on the ground with more than 85% of every dollar contributed going directly to program work.

Growing at this pace over the last five years creates a need for upgraded information systems and procedures. This past year we’ve consulted with AMA Associates to support our Finance Team in the integration of payroll and invoicing systems–important for processing payments across 130+ grants. We also secured a grant from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation that will support the large capital outlays associated with landscape scale construction projects. Indeed, CalTrout is becoming one of the largest restoration project managers in the state with much of this revenue passing through to our on-the-ground restoration partners.

CalTrout receives significant support from individuals, foundations, and State and Federal Agencies, and has shown the successful administration of complex State and Federal funding, as demonstrated annually through financial, performance and compliance audits.  Our commitment to financial accountability is reflected in our 4-star Charity Navigator rating, the highest rating from this most trusted charity evaluator

Gifts from our members are key to our continued success. Your generosity allows us to leverage and grow grant funding and execute more programs that benefit wild fish and people.

“Thanks to your support, CalTrout is well-positioned to effect change and recover our watersheds. We have increased our capacity to take on complex, landscape” - Curtis Knight, Executive Director


California Trout received the highest possible rating of four stars from Charity Navigator, the largest independent charity evaluator in the country.

This rating recognizes CalTrout’s adherence to sector best practices and our execution of our mission in a financially responsible way. When you choose to donate to CalTrout, you can trust that your donation is put to use in a fiscally responsible and ethical way for the benefit of fish, water, and people. Learn more about our rating.




We want you and every member of the public to know as much as possible about how California Trout operates and how carefully and effectively we use your donations.

Accordingly, we have posted our Tax Return and Financial Statement below. (Each are in .pdf format)

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