86% of our budget goes directly to our programs.

California Trout maintains a strong financial position and growing base of private and public support. Gifts from more than 9,000 members combined with contributions from loyal foundations, corporations, volunteers, and public agency partners demonstrate the compelling importance of CalTrout’s work.

CalTrout’s operating budget continues to grow at impressive rate, quadrupling between 2012 and 2019 from $2.1 million to $9.6 million, while maintaining programmatic efficiency and limiting operating expenses. This consistent growth and efficiency has allowed us to act decisively upon short windows of opportunity to provide the necessary funding and resources when urgent projects arise.

“CalTrout’s robust growth has allowed us to amplify our efforts in addressing the combined threats of climate change, habitat loss and degraded water quality.” - Curtis Knight, Executive Director


We want you and every member of the public to know as much as possible about how California Trout operates and how carefully and effectively we use your donations.

Accordingly, we have posted our Tax Return and Financial Statement below. (Each are in .pdf format)

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