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Watersheds are more than just water. They contain the full spectrum of people, animals, and plants that live and grow inside the system. No matter where you live, your home is in a watershed.


Why connect with your watershed?

Watersheds sustain life, in more ways than one. The health of humans and wildlife is intimately connected to the health of their watersheds. Healthy watersheds not only improves water quality, but also provide greater benefits to the communities- vital services as clean drinking water, productive fisheries, and outdoor recreation all of which supports our economies, environment, and quality of life.


Moreover, healthy watersheds increase resilience to the threats from climate change. Watersheds with intact natural land cover including floodplains and riparian areas and connected soil resources are better adapted to more extreme weather patterns and capable of sequestering carbon, thereby offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.


California Trout, with our 60+ conservation projects across the state and policy efforts at the Capitol, is actively working to protect California’s watersheds and the sacred life within them. By restoring natural environments and working in areas where we can make the most positive impact, we can help ensure healthy watersheds for generations to come.


Cover photo: Scott Embry

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Featured Watershed: Lower Sacramento River

Beginning at Shasta Dam and stretching to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the lower Sacramento River watershed is a vital water source for over 2 million people. It supports agriculture, industry, and communities throughout the region. It also hosts a rich variety of fish such as Chinook salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon and provides crucial habitat for over 200 bird species.

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