Located on the Eel River 20 miles northeast of Ukiah, Scott Dam and Cape Horn Dam are more than 100 years old. These two dams are part of PG&E’s Potter Valley Project. In addition to the dams, the Potter Valley Project includes a diversion tunnel that moves water out of the Eel River watershed and into the East Branch of the Russian River, and a powerhouse. The Project’s owner, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), has allowed its license for the operation to expire and is currently working with federal regulators to develop a decommissioning plan for the facilities.


Pacific Gas & Electric


Upper Mainstem Eel River

Completion Date:

Cape Horn Dam in 1907, Scott Dam in 1921


Cape Horn Dam Height: 63 ft, Length: 515 ft; Scott Dam Height: 138 ft, Length: 850 ft.


PG&E, Sonoma Water, Mendocino County Inland Water and Power Commission, Round Valley Indian Tribes, Humboldt County, Wiyot Tribe, CalTrout, Friends of the Eel River, Trout Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, Russian Riverkeepers, California Hydropower Reform Coalition.

Land Acknowledgment

The Eel River Dams are located on the ancestral lands of the Round Valley Indian Tribes and the Wiyot Tribe.

Voice of Eel River Dams

Redgie Collins California Trout, Legal & Policy Director

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