Angler Advisory: Wildfire Burning Near McCloud River

Firemap suggests Lower McCloud is about to become a firebreak…

The Bagley fire is burning its way toward the McCloud River, and CalFire rates the growth potential of the fire as “extreme.”

A look at the firemap suggests the fire is burning right towards the Lower McCloud (below McCloud Reservoir), and due to the fire danger and health concerns due to smoke, anglers planning to fish the McCloud this weekend might be advised to look elsewhere.

Bagley Firemap

The Bagley firemap (click image for larger, updated version)

Given the McCloud’s Blue-Ribbon status, we’re concerned about the long-term effects of a wildfire on the McCloud drainage; sedimentation due to vegetation loss can affect spawning habitat.

In other words, we’re keeping an eye on this fire, and will continue to do so even after it’s out.

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