Central Valley Salmon Habitat Partnership (CVSHP)

Big picture approach to rebuilding salmon fisheries

Read about this project in the Fall 2017 issue of The Current.

Long-term Goal

Convene a science-based, multi-stakeholder forum of conservation and fisheries organizations, local, state and federal agencies and private sector partners working together to build robust fisheries and self-sustaining wild populations of Central Valley salmonids.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Founding partner of the CVSHP;
  • Drafted charter which under went legal review by 18 state, federal and local entities.
  • Ratified charter to formally launch the CVSHP in August 2017.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

What We Will Achieve in 2016-17

  • Collaborate on a valley-wide plan of prioritized regional restoration actions.

Read the recent article in Water Deeply

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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California Trout, Inc.