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CalTrout Custom Galvan Torque T5 Reel


Limited Series: Galvan Torque T5 Reel with custom CalTrout logo

CalTrout has produced a limited quantity of this premier custom Galvan reel. Don’t miss your chance to add this unique collectible to your gear bag.

In stock

As the premier reel in the Galvan range, the Torque Series reels represent the culmination of a lifetime of fly-fishing and passion for reel design. Simply stated, it represents the very best of modern fly reel architecture.

The unique Torque reel, the fourth series created by Boni, was the first reel released with the Torque drag system, which is now employed in all Galvan reels. Its inception was in late 2002 with prototypes coming to life in 2003. After being tested, retested and modified, it was finally released to the public in 2004. It immediately won the 2004 Editor’s Choice in Fly Fish America and was ranked #3 in the recent Yellowstone Angler’s 8-wt reel shootout, beating a host of other reels in function and price. Its original style and unique porting has solidified Galvan’s reputation as a leading innovator in the industry.



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