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Keith Brauneis Productions and Caltrout are creating a short film about Golden Trout that will raise awareness of this magnificent fish, its habitat and its plight. We will submit to F3T and Wild & Scenic film tours (having aired with them last year) among other tours. We will examine current conditions and determine future threats to this species.

Production of the film is underway. The team of six is back from their two week journey scouring the creeks and alpine lakes of the Eastern Sierra mountain range seeking out the various descendants and hybrids of protogolden.  Producer, Keith Brauneis, had this to say about their journey,

“The team had such an incredible adventure making this film that it’s hard to describe. Maybe a film will help say what words can’t. I know I speak for all of us involved when I say that I hope the awareness raised by this film will further help to protect our amazing state fish.”

See photos and notes from the trip and stay up to date on the film by visiting George Revel’s blog at

We’d like to thank our donors who have helped make this project possible:

Alexander Winskie
Aaron Barr
Aaron Mazzrillo
Aaron Williams
Abby Kojola
Albert Redlhammer
Allan Marshall
Allan Williams
Amy Kileen
Angelo Ciotti
Anna Kauffman
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Bus Gehring
Charles Hammerstad
Connie Mar
Craig Bentz
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David Moser
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Delvin Harbour
Diana Vanderburg
Donald Bowley
Doug Ballinger
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Edgar Vaughn
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Gianni Donati
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Greg Robinson
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James B. Anderson
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Jerome Firpo
Jessica Ruggiero
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John Waldman
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Lawrence Murphy
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Southern Sierra Fly Fishers
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