Scott River Restoration

Collaborating with land owners and timber companies to benefit salmonids

Read about the completion of our South Fork Scott River restoration, paving the way for Coho Salmon’s return.  The story starts on page 34 in the winter issue of The Current and includes a not-to-be-missed video. Check it out!

Long-term Goal

Recover salmonid populations in the Scott River, a key mid-Klamath River tributary and nursery, by restoring spawning and rearing habitat, in-stream flows, water quality, and other ecological processes and function. Achieve measurable objectives outlined in the final Southern Oregon Northern California Coho (SONCC) Recovery Plan population targets of 6,500 spawners in the Scott River.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Secured CalTrout’s first Scott River basin grant funding for salmon and steelhead restoration on the South Fork of the Scott River, an important over-summering refuge for juvenile coho salmon and steelhead;
  • Secured CalTrout’s first Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) In-stream Flow Enhancement Program grant funding for purchasing permanent dedications of cold water from participating landowners to enhance instream flow at key times of the year when juvenile coho salmon need it most;
  • Engaged key project partners including the Scott River Water Trust, the Siskiyou Resource Conservation District, and private timber companies in designing, funding, and permitting collaborative habitat restoration projects;
  • Engaged Scott River landowners, irrigators, and ranchers interested in salmon and steelhead recovery and Safe Harbor.

What We Will Achieve in 2016-17

  • Design incentive-based Safe Harbor program for participating Scott River agricultural operators and landowners, and complete ranch management assessments, prioritize on-farm water efficiency measures and habitat restoration actions;
  • Enhance in-stream flows in French Creek and the Scott River during critical summer months by using California Water Code Section 1707 legal tools and purchasing permanent water dedications from willing agricultural operators and landowners;
  • Purchase 1,000 acre conservation easement on existing ranch at the confluence of French Creek and the Scott River to protect the riparian corridor and enhance in-stream flows;
  • Restore 1.5 miles of the South Fork of the Scott River by restoring floodplains and in-stream habitat with large wood for juvenile coho salmon, partner with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, TimberVest LLC, Siskiyou Resource Conservation District, and the Scott River Water Trust.

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