Mount Shasta / Klamath Region

The northeastern corner of the state – the area surrounding Mt. Shasta – is sometimes called the “Golden Triangle” by anglers because of its many fish-filled watersheds, including the McCloud, Upper Sacramento, Fall, Pit, Klamath Rivers and Hat Creek.

Wayne Eng fishes Burney Creek

The Mount Shasta region is home popular rivers and smaller, more intimate streams.

Most of the area’s rivers are spring-fed, and therefore, cold water refugia for fish populations.

Migration barriers (dams), habitat degradation, sedimentation, water quality, and lack of information about ground water threaten the pristine waters of the Mount Shasta region.

Meet Curtis Knight – CalTrout’s Mount Shasta Region Manager

In this area, CalTrout works to protect Mount Shasta’s unique cold spring waters and their fisheries by:

  1. Investing in science, education and policy analysis
  2. Removing migration barriers
  3. Restoring habitat
  4. Participating in dam re-licensing processes to re-establish in-stream flows and protect water quality
  5. Initiating studies to gather information about our springs, streams and watersheds to better inform policy and management decisions

Map of Mount Shasta Region

click for detailed map in .pdf format

click for detailed map in .pdf format

Current Mount Shasta Region Projects (click project to learn more)

Mount Shasta Spring Water Management
Fall River Restoration
Hat Creek Restoration
Klamath Dam Removal
Shasta River Restoration
McCloud River Projects
Pit River Flow Relicensing