Scott Valley Sustainable Groundwater Management

Scott Valley Sustainable Groundwater Management

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Project Goal:

Participate in the Scott Valley SGMA process and advocate for a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) that protects interconnected surface waters for the benefit of fish and wildlife

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Project Description

Throughout the dry summer months in the Scott Valley, low flows negatively impact water quality for the surrounding tribal communities and endangered salmonids. Climate change is anticipated to make dryer and warmer conditions and consequent effect on listed salmonids the new normal. The project will pilot a solution to improve groundwater conditions within the Valley, to enhance streamflow, and improve water quality in critical locations of the mainstem Scott River. The project builds on an existing collaboration between local landowners, the irrigation district, the Resource Conservation District, UC Davis, and CalTrout, and engages the tribes to build a solution that addresses all stakeholder needs. As a member of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act technical advisory, CalTrout will use this project work to inform the groundwater sustainability plan currently under development for the region.