Spring Source Waters Basin Assessment

Spring Source Waters Basin Assessment

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Project Goal:

Protect Northern California Volcanic Aquifers and their cold-water spring sources from overdraft, pollution, and long-term variability in regional climate. Abate threats posed by geothermal fracking, water bottling, and ongoing hydropower operations.

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Project Description

Our cold-water spring sources are threatened by overdraft, pollution, geothermal fracking, water bottling, and on-going hydropower operations. To protect the springs, we must first better understand the source. Caltrout is conducting a region-wide baseline assessment and analysis of spring discharges generated by Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen as well as the fisheries resources and biodiversity that depends on them. With this data, we will develop a catalogue of spring resources in the northern California volcanic areas that would provide visual and descriptive records along with quantitative measures of their flow and water quality. Having this science-based knowledge will enable us to better advocate for spring source waters protection.

Project Partners:

Lee Davisson and Associates
UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences
Crystal Geyser
City of Mount Shasta
Regional Water Quality Control Board
Fall River Conservancy