Project Goal:

Protect Northern California Volcanic Aquifers and their cold-water spring sources from overdraft, pollution, and long-term variability in regional climate. Abate threats posed by geothermal fracking, water bottling, and ongoing hydropower operations.

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Project Stages

resource collection

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Project Description

Our cold-water spring sources are threatened by overdraft, pollution, geothermal fracking, water bottling, and on-going hydropower operations. In order to protect them, we must first better understand the source. Caltrout is conducting a region-wide baseline assessment and analysis of spring discharges generated by the Mount With this data, we will develop a catalogue of spring resources in the northern California volcanic areas that would provide visual and descriptive records along with quantitative measures of their flow and water quality. Having this science-based knowledge will enable us to better advocate for spring source waters protection.

Project Partners:

Lee Davisson and Associates
UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences
Crystal Geyser
City of Mount Shasta
Regional Water Quality Control Board
Fall River Conservancy

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