Trout in the Classroom

Connecting students with watersheds.

Trout in the Classroom’s environmental education program fosters a new generation of advocates for saving salmonids and the watersheds in which they live.

Over the last year, California Trout has been working hard to refine our education strategy. There is so much to share about our work, and so many communities to serve. In this process of decision-making about how to share our work with youth specifically, we took on an exciting program called the Classroom Aquarium Education Program, otherwise known as Trout in the Classroom.

In Trout in the Classroom (TIC), CDFW provides salmonid eggs to classrooms where students and teachers then incubate and raise these little fish until it's time for their release into a CDFW-designated waterway. This program is well-known and much-beloved by communities throughout California. A community-based program operated on collaboration between CDFW and community and conservation organizations, it offers a flexible platform for teaching and sharing about California Trout's conservation work. To learn more about the Trout in the Classroom program, see our article on it from this last season.

Inspired and encouraged by our partners at San Jose Flycasters and others, we took on a new creative project as part of our work in this program. We created a short film that could be used as a resource in the TIC classrooms that CalTrout and our partners sponsor, with the simultaneous goal of being a resource that could be shown widely in any other youth programming CalTrout collaborates on.

We wanted this film to offer insight into why and how CalTrout operates at select project sites throughout the Bay Area, as well as giving insight into our advocacy work. The only catch is that all this information would need to be delivered in a way that youth would understand and be engaged with. We hope the simple language used in this film might not only be helpful to share with youth, but also for our general audience who want a simple introduction into a selection of CalTrout's work in this region.
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Without further ado, we present a youth-oriented, short educational film focused on CalTrout's work in the Greater Bay Area. We hope this resource is the first of many that we use to inspire young people to become engaged with their local environments and to deepen understanding about the ecological uniqueness around them that is worth protecting.

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