Mount Shasta Spring Water Management

Protecting Northern California’s Unique Headwater and springs Resources

Mt Shasta’s cold, clean spring waters feed critical municipal water supplies and nourish the region’s famous trout populations in the Upper Sac and McCloud Rivers and the salmon and steelhead in the Shasta River. Lack of base-line information and limited awareness of Mt Shasta’s water resources makes it difficult to develop science-based water policy and management decisions.

Conservation Goals

  • Protect the ecologic and hydrologic integrity of Mount Shasta’s unique spring waters.
  • Establish an adequate springs monitoring system to measure changes in flows and water quality over time and share information with the public.
  • Provide real-time groundwater monitoring data to the community of Mount Shasta to help inform policy and management decisions regarding the proposed Crystal Geyser bottling facility.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Presented Mt. Shasta Springs Summary Report to 250 Mt. Shasta community members and decision makers at the Crystal Geyser Town Hall Public Meeting.
  • Engaged Crystal Geyser and outlined necessary steps for establishing an adequate groundwater monitoring system for Big Springs on the Upper Sacramento River.

What We Will Accomplish in 2014-15

  • Continue to provide to the public reliable spring water monitoring data and policy analysis regarding the proposed Crystal Geyser bottling facility.
  • Engage Crystal Geyser and recommend necessary steps for installing a groundwater monitoring system for Big Springs on the Upper Sacramento River.
  • Update and expand the Mt. Shasta Spring Waters Study and continue to monitor the 22 spring systems identified in the report for a full suite of water quality and geochemical parameters.
  • Develop a comprehensive springs monitoring program that will include water supply forecasting and support for the upgrading of municipal water and wastewater infrastructure.

Key Partners: McCloud Local First Network, UC Berkeley, Stanford Environmental Law Center, Siskiyou County, River Exchange, McCloud Watershed Council, UC Davis

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