Eel River Restoration Plan

Eel River Restoration Plan

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Project Goal:

Efficiently restore native anadromous fish populations and ecological processes across the Eel River watershed.

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Project Description

CalTrout seeks to outline an Eel River, basin-wide fisheries Restoration Plan. The Plan consists of four phases: Planning, Prioritization, Implementation and Adaptive Management, and Monitoring.

The need for a holistic, watershed-wide restoration program to support the recovery of native anadromous fish populations in the Eel River is well documented in the Eel River Action Plan, CDFW South Fork Eel River Watershed Assessment, Round Valley Indian Tribe’s Eel River Restoration Strategy, and NMFS Coho and Multispecies Recovery Plans. The Restoration Plan will be the most comprehensive assessment and planning document for the Eel River developed to-date. We will rely on agency, academic, non-profit, tribal, and other watershed experts to develop a roadmap for a robust and targeted Restoration Plan to guide restoration in the Eel River Watershed for decades.

Project Partners:

Round Valley Indian Tribes

Humboldt County

Sonoma Water Agency 

Mendocino County Inland Water and Power Commission

Stillwater Sciences

McBain Associates












Conceptual diagram of the four phases for the Eel River Restoration Plan.

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