Steelhead & Salmon

The Challenge

From the Smith River, through the central coast, to southern California, our native steelhead and salmon are part of a magnificent natural heritage. Sadly, of the state’s 22 anadromous fish species, 13 (or 59%) are in danger of extinction this century. This collapse of our fisheries speaks to the declining health of California’s overall natural environment.

Our Goal

To restore healthy, self-sustaining populations of California’s native steelhead and salmon across their historic range.

California steelhead

California’s steelhead populations face huge hurdles

Projects (click project to learn more)

Coho Recovery Campaign
Eel River Restoration
Elk River Recovery Assessment
Fish Passage Forum & CA Hydropower Reform Coalition (CHRC)
Klamath Dam Removal
Knagg’s Ranch Agricultural Floodplain Study
Redwood Creek Campaign
Santa Clara River Restoration
Santa Monica Mountains Restoration
Santa Ynez River Restoration
Searsville Dam Removal
Shasta River Restoration
Smith River Restoration and Protection
SanDOC Watersheds Restoration
Trinity River Restoration
Ventura River Restoration