Eagle Canyon Fish Passage Project, Battle Creek

Eagle Canyon Fish Passage Project, Battle Creek

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Project Goal:

Open access to more than 8 miles of spring-fed spawning and rearing habitat for Sacramento River winter-run Chinook salmon, steelhead trout, and other native migratory fishes by removing a fish passage barrier.

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Project Stages


Permitting Phase



Estimated Completion Date:
December 2022


Project Funders

US Fish and Wildlife Service

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Fish Affected:


Project Description

Success! Fish passage has been restored to more than 8 miles of high-quality spring-fed habitat in Battle Creek. This project directly benefits one of the world’s most endangered ecotypes of anadromous salmon – winter-run Chinook salmon. This run or ecotype is found only in California and has a life history strategy and genetic signature that is found nowhere else on the planet. Sacramento River Winter-run Chinook salmon have adapted to the unique hydrology and habitat conditions associated with large spring systems that provide cold consistent water throughout the summer. However, their historical habitat is now inaccessible due to large dams and hydroelectric projects that completely block access to their historical spawning and rearing habitats. Eagle Canyon is one of a host of major projects that are on the horizon in Battle Creek and represent the best opportunities for on the ground restoration to conserve and recover this member of California’s biodiversity.

Project Partners:

Syblon Reid General Engineering Contractors

Aquaterra Consulting

Michael Love & Associates Engineering

NV5 Beyond Engineering

Tehama Environmental Solutions Inc.

Tehama County Resource Conservation District

Pacific Gas and Electric

David, April and John Gamon

Donnette Thayer