Rich Moore

Rich Moore


Rich helps B2B technology companies shape and tell their stories and bring additional depth, experience, and leadership to in-house marketing and communications teams and agencies.

He has supported technology companies through every stage of growth – helping major corporations enter new markets and launch new products, mid-size companies re-position and re-brand, and dozens of start-ups just coming to market with their initial funding.

Rich currently is principal of Big Sprocket LLC, a strategic communications consultancy, and previously held executive positions at Edelman and Allison+Partners and was a co-founding partner of Copithorne & Bellows, which was acquired by Omnicom in 2000. He also was a Venture Partner at Battery Ventures.

Along with his involvement in CalTrout, Rich is a mentor for Students Rising Above and serves on the Alum Advisory Committee for The Ohio State University School of Communications.

Rich is a diehard Midwesterner but now more Westerner and the father of three sons. He lives in San Mateo with his wife Andrea.