Woodman Creek Project

Woodman Creek Project

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Project Goal:

Remove the Northwestern Pacific Railroad barrier at the mouth of Woodman Creek and restore the historic channel-mouth configuration to allow unimpeded coho, Chinook, and steelhead access to 10-14 miles of habitat in Woodman Creek.

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Project Stages

100% Planning, Design, and Permitting


Post-Restoration Monitoring


Estimated Completion Date:


Fish Affected:


Project Description

Woodman Creek is a tributary to the mainstem Eel River, joining the Eel approximately 5 miles downstream of the confluence of the Middle Fork Eel River and the town of Dos Rios. Woodman Creek is strategically located where the highest densities of Chinook salmon are spawning and rearing in the mainstem Eel River, and is along the migratory corridor for coho salmon migrating to Outlet Creek. Our planning assessments indicate that there is abundant steelhead, Chinook salmon, and coho salmon habitat in Woodman Creek. With the Railroad barrier now removed (the project was completed in summer 2018), the project is expected to allow anadromous salmonids access to an estimated 10-14 miles of habitat in the Woodman Creek watershed.

Project Partners:

NOAA Restoration Center
North Coast Rail Authority
Coastal Conservancy
Mike Love and Associates
Pacific Watershed Associates
Ross Taylor and Associates
David Anderson
Ron Christensen
Mickey Bailey

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