Flood Infrastructure Retrofits

Flood Infrastructure Retrofits

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Project Goal:

Retrofit flood infrastructure in the Tisdale and Sutter bypasses to enhance fish passage; improve water use efficiency; create floodplain rearing habitat for endangered salmonids; and increase floodplain fish food production benefiting endangered fish populations.

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Project Funders

Water Foundation

Battery Powered (Past)

Resources Legacy Fund (Past)

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Project Description

By integrating a 21st-century scientific understanding of how river systems function into the management and operation of California’s outdated water infrastructure, we can create a system where both human systems and the ecosystems on which they depend become more resilient to a changing climate. This project seeks to update flood and water infrastructure and operational practices on the Sutter and Yolo bypasses to add fish benefits (enhance adult fish passage; facilitate long-duration floodplain inundation to create rearing habitat for endangered salmonids; increase floodplain fish food production) to the flood protection, agricultural and waterbird habitat benefits already provided by these managed floodways.

Project Partners:

Department of Water Resources

CA Department of Fish & Wildlife

National Marine Fisheries Service Southwest 

Fisheries Science Center

UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Water Foundation