Flood Infrastructure Retrofits

Flood Infrastructure Retrofits

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Project Goal:

Retrofit flood infrastructure in the Tisdale and Sutter bypasses to enhance fish passage; improve water use efficiency; create floodplain rearing habitat for endangered salmonids; and increase floodplain fish food production benefiting endangered fish populations.

22,000 acres in the Sutter Bypass and 3,200 acres in the Tisdale Bypass.

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Project Funders

Water Foundation

Battery Powered (Past)

Resources Legacy Fund (Past)

Fish Affected:

Project Description

Flood flows in the Sacramento River are reduced by spilling floodwaters into bypass areas through historic overflow areas and constructed weirs. One of the most critical elements of this system is the Sutter Bypass complex and the Tisdale. However, Sutter Weir One and Tisdale Weirs on the Bypasses hinder the upstream passage of adult spring-run Chinook salmon and steelhead. CalTrout is advocating for the planning, design and implementation weir improvements that retrofit them with operable water control structures that would improve adult fish passage out of the bypass and increases flooding frequency, especially during low water years, to create more floodplain habitat for juvenile fish while maintaining flood protection and agriculture economies.

Project Partners:

Department of Water Resources

CA Department of Fish & Wildlife

National Marine Fisheries Service Southwest 

Fisheries Science Center

UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Water Foundation

Latest Project Info:

Wallace Weir Retrofit Important Step for Central Valley Salmon

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