Rindge Dam Removal

Rindge Dam Removal

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Project Goal:

Remove an outdated dam in Malibu Creek canyon, a high priority steelhead recovery river with designated critical habitat for steelhead. This dam has reduced water storage capacity and poses a recreational hazard for the public.  Removal of Rindge Dam would restore 8.5 miles of aquatic habitat connectivity on Malibu Creek (between the Pacific Ocean and Century Dam (located farther upstream of Rindge Dam)), and barrier modification further upstream would restore an additional 9.5 miles of aquatic habitat along Cold Creek and Las Virgenes Creek.  The Removal Plan calls for habitat restoration in Malibu Creek canyon.

Restore 8.5 miles of aquatic habitat on Malibu Creek and 9.5 miles Cold Creek

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Project Stages

Relationship Building

Permitting Phase

Conceptual Design



Estimated Completion Date:
2025 Construction


Fish Affected:

Project Description

Since the construction of Rindge Dam 90 years ago, Southern California steelhead have been blocked from reaching high quality spawning grounds in upper Malibu Creek, which is classified as a high-priority watershed for steelhead recovery. Rindge Dam also has degraded downstream conditions from capturing sediment and altering the natural streamflow. The three planning objectives are to: establish a more natural sediment transport regime, re-establish habitat connectivity for terrestrial and aquatic species, and restore aquatic habitat in Malibu Creek canyon. A conceptual removal plan was described in the Army Corps draft Feasibility Study, and has been in the works since the 1990s. The Feasibility Study will be completed in 2020. CalTrout is collaborating with California Department of Parks and Recreation to evaluate the most effective path forward for Rindge Dam removal.

Project Partners:

California State Parks
Army Corps Engineers
National Marine Fisheries Service
Resource Legacy Fund

Latest Project Info:

DAMS OUT – Rindge Dam

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